Planet Card

A Rewarding Adventure

Your ultimate fun and rewarding experience at Magic Planet starts with purchasing a Magic Planet Card at our guest service counter. Keep your card well topped up through your online account, at our self-service reload kiosks, or on the go in-store – a simple, fun way to play, you’ll never need to fiddle for loose change again but can instead enjoy a seamless gaming experience which rewards you all the way.

Register your card online now and create a Magic Planet account to be able to view your card balance, top up your balance, check on your Play Points, redemption ticket balance points, and much more!

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Redemption Tickets

Use your Magic Planet Card to win printed orange tickets from our extensive number of redemption games located at all Magic Planet stores, which you can then use to redeem amazing toys, gadgets, phones and so much more from our incredible Prize Shops located in the majority of our Magic Planet Stores. Simply collect the orange tickets, feed them into the ticket counters and then swipe your card to transfer them to your card, then visit the Prize Shop to choose your exclusive Magic Planet goodies!

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Redeem Prizes at our redemption stores

Check out the incredible Prize Shop Store to swap reward points for cool Magic Planet merchandise. Simply load the tickets you have won through play onto your Magic Planet Card, and use your tickets to get your hands on some must-have Magic Planet gifts.

A fantastic way to win rewards as you play, the more tickets you collect, the higher the value of the items you can buy. Visit the Magic Planet Online Redemption Store to check out the incredible range of goodies on offer, and start swiping and winning today!

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Ticket Stations

You can easily upload the tickets you have earned to your Magic Planet Card and check your balance. Ticket Stations or “Counting Machines “ are placed near the Magic Planet Prize Shop and all you have to do is load up your tickets and swipe your card to have them added to your account.

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